At WORKBAY MARKETPLACE (formally known as, AfriLancers), we make it cheap and easy for potential clients to hire freelancers, and also make it easy for freelancers to work smoothly.

Here is our end-to-end process.

Step 1. A potential client post a project.

Step 2. Freelancers send bids/proposals to the potential client.

Step 3. The potential client accepts the bid/proposal, which forms a contract.

Step 4. The potential client deposits the full payment of the project.  This fund is held in an Escrow account in their names securedly.

Step 5. The freelancer completes the project successfully

Step 6. Payment is made to the freelancer 


This is how we apply our fees and charges to both clients and freelancers, respectively.


1. 18% for any Project that is created and executed for a potential client 

2. 18% for any Contest creation & execution

3. 18% for any Gigs or Service that a potential client purchase from a freelancer 

4. $2 for Featured Project Listing by a potential client 

5. $1 for Featured Contest Listing by a potential client 

5. $2 for Escrow service 

6. $2 for Data & Analytics services 



1. 20% for any project that a skilled African execute for a potential client 

2. 20% for any Gig or Service that a skilled African sells to a potential client 

3. $3 for Featured Gigs or Service Listing 

4. 20% for contest execution 

5. $5 or $10 or $20 for Bids and optional monthly paid membership 

6. $3 for Escrow service 

7. $2 for Data & Analytics services